It's Summer Time and Beverages Abound!


Dress Up Your Brand


with The Personalizable "Beverage Name Space"



Staying hydrated is important to good health and longevity.

Sharing beverages however... is not healthy at all.



 We Make Beverage Brands "Personal"


At Parties and... 


Ball Games



Vacations and...



The Gym



 Anywhere Beverages are Consumed.... 


The Award Winning Personalizable "Beverage Name Space" is

the FIRST in Beverage Safety and Instant Beverage Personalization. 



 The Personalizable "Beverage Name Space" 

 makes personalization easy for consumers,

ending beverage confusion and the risks of sharing germs.


Licensing Available for Beverage Brand Owners and Container Companies;  

Water Bottles, Kids Beverages, Juice Boxes, Beer Brands, Single Wines,

Sodas, Pouch Drinks, Sports Drinks, Containers and More...



"An Average Beverage Mix-Up"



We Take Beverage Safety Seriously!



For more information and licensing contact:  

 ~ Concepts4Today ~



Twitter: @Concepts4Today










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